Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster at Universal Studios

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster is a junior coaster at Universal Studios Florida.

This attraction is next to the E.T Adventure and the former location of the Hard Rock Café.

This ride takes children through the Nut Factory of this legendary feathered cartoon character.

The coaster is tailored for children.

It has a sturdy design that supports the weight of parents, making it a family friendly ride.

Ideally, first time young riders begin on this coaster before taking up other thrilling activities at Universal Studios.

Coaster Facts

This roller coaster’s speed is 3.4km/h for the safety of kids, which is different from the 65km/h for thrill rides at Universal Studios.

The ride takes about 44 seconds.

It has eight cars that sit two people in each row.

The train’s structure uses the nut factory theme.

They have labels such as mixed nuts and salted nuts.

In an hour, about 780 riders roll up the hill, drop downhill and swerve by trees.

This junior coaster is 207 meters long and 8.5 meters high.

The train uses a friction braking system and lap bars to restrain riders.

This coaster is popular with children between 5 and 11 years.

Grandparents and parents alike will enjoy the nuthouse coaster.

Interactive Queue

The adventure starts at the queue.

Guests walk through a waiting area with Woody Woodpecker’s emblem and a range of bells.

Kids can pull these to make funny noises as they walk into the queue.

This procession leads to the train where riders sit in the cars.

The attendant rings a bell and the train rattles out of the station slowly.

The speed gradually increases as it ascends up a hill.

The top of the slope gives a picturesque view of Kid zone and its range of attractions.

The steep climb to the top creates the mood for a thrilling downhill descent.

Woody Woodpecker’s signature laugh can be heard in the background.

It negotiates several turns, loops and underpasses through the nut factory exciting the riders before heading back to the station.

Unlike other venues in the park, guest can expect short wait times.

This train is part of the Woody Woodpecker’s Kid Zone tailored to children’s needs.

Woody Woodpecker’s nuthouse factory roller coaster is just one of the fun activities found in the Kid Zone.

Kids Zone

The Kids Zone area also contains Fievel’s Playland, Curious George Play Area, Animal Actors on Location, A day in the Park with Barney and E.T Adventure.

You can shop at The Barney’s Store, E.T’s Toy Closet and Photo Spot as well as SpongeBob StorePants.

Shopping stores in the vicinity include The Barney’s Store, E.T’s Toy Closet and Photo Spot as well as The.

The Kid Zone Pizza Company offers quick meals for children.

It has a height limit of not less than 36 inches.

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