Wizarding World of Harry Potter Attraction at Islands of Adventure


Dragon Challenge is an intense rollercoaser.

The Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail are the dragons.

Each dragon dragon provides a different experience.

Height Requirement: 54"

Hagrid will instruct you on the proper approach to the Hippogriff.

The Flight of the Hippogriff is a family-friendly coaster that swoops you by the pumpkin patch and Hagrid's hut.

Height Requirement: 36"

Muggles The Forbidden Journey starts with stroll through the hallways and corridors of Hogwarts castle.

You are met by Dumbledore welcoming you to his office before you head to the Dark Arts classroom.

There Harry, Ron, and Hermione invite you to the Quidditch match.

Then board the enchanted benches and soar above Hogwarts castle grounds.

The Whomping Willow,Dragons, spiders and dementors are what you encounter next.

Height Requirement: 48"


Frog Choir

Hogwarts students choir and  their large croaking frogs.perform a melody of songs.

Triwizard Spirit Rally

Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students compete.


Dervish & Banges,Filch's Emporium,Honeydukes and the Owl Post is where to pick up your must haves.

Students of Hogwarts frequently perform for muggles on the stage in Islands of Adventure. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure
Students of Hogwarts frequently perform for muggles on the stage in Islands of Adventure. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure
Some of the spells work with one wand while others require two wands to complete the spell. Hogsmeade is full of these spell markers. Staff are around to make sure that you get the spells to work. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure Lots of shops in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure also have small markers outside of their shop windows. If you have a wand you cast a spell and if all works well something will happen. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure While you enjoy your meal on the patio of the Three Broomsticks you can see the Hogwarts Castle. The castle, which is inside Hogsmeade, is also the home to a adventurous through the castle. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The Three Broomsticks Restaurant also offers outdoor seating for those that want to enjoy a bit of sunlight with their meal. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The Three Broomsticks Restaurant feels like its straight from the set of Harry Potter. Sit down and enjoy some muggle food and take in the wonderful architecture of Hogsmeade. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The Three Broomsticks Restaurant also has tables for your and your muggle friends to enjoy a meal in Hogsmeade. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure Look for quirky sides inside the Three Broomsticks Restaurant in Hogsmeade at Island of Adventure in Orlando. They offer some friendly advice on how muggles can fit in during their visit. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The Three Broomsticks Restaurant in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure. Inside the restaurant is a bar with lots of beer on tap as well. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure If you are looking for something else to wet your whistle ice cold beer, soda, water and juice is also available. Hogsmeade is full of places where you can go to quench your thirst. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure No trip to Islands of Adventure is complete without having an icy Butter Beer while you stroll through Hogsmeade. Be sure to get a souvenir cup to take home with you. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure In addition to shops and other important Harry Potter related buildings you will find a stand selling cold Butter Beer. Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure is one of the few places you can go to and find this treat. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The entire village is a winter wonderland even in Sunny Florida. Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure makes you feel like you are wondering the same streets Harry and his friends did for years. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure All of the buildings in Hogsmeade look like they were taken from the set of Harry Potter. Zonko's is a shop that sells lots of Potter related merchandise. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure Another great photo op is in front of the Hogwarts Express located right outside of Hogsmeade Station. You usually fin a conductor available to stand in for a photo with you. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure in Orlando is filled with harry Potter fans that want to explore the village and practice their magic and enjoy a Butter Beer or two. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The entrance to Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure in Orlando is an attraction in its own. Stop at the entry arch and snap a photo with a gorgeous background that features snow capped roofs. 1. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure A large stone tower welcomes you to Islands of Adventure Orlando. Within the confines of this park you will find Hogsmeade Village and many other great attractions. 1. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure The train station in Hogsmeade is located inside Islands of Adventure. If you have a ticket or annual pass with admission to both parks included you can head into the train station and take the train directly to Diagon Alley which is located in Universal Studios Orlando. #DiagonAlley #IslandsofAdventure



The Three Broomsticks restaurant fare includes  fish and chips, cornish pasties,and shepherd's pie.

At Hog's Head Pub enjoy a Butterbeer a non alcoholic quaff (alcoholic quaffs available)as the walls  come alive just like in the  stories.

At the Owlery,  look for  the moving owls!

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The Universal Studios base ticket allows entry into one park per day for the number of days printed on ticket.

Multi day Universal tickets must be used within 14 day consecutive days from first use and also include admission into Citiwalk.

Age 10+ pay adults admission price.
Age 3-9 pay child admission price.

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