Disney Express Bus Transportation

Express Bus Transportation is now available for Disney guests to more quickly and effectively travel from park to park!

This offers individuals more flexibility, as well as additional time in each of the parks.

However, it is not complimentary like the regular Walt Disney World Bus Service, which travels throughout the different resorts and parks in Disney World.

But might it be well worth it, for the added convenience?

Backstage Areas

Utilizing the backstage areas right inside each of the Disney parks, guests will receive the opportunity to get to each of the parks directly, shaving much time off their travels.

This also means shorter lines and instant access.

The bus departs every thirty minutes and operates from 10 am until the parks close each day.

Bus Stops & Cost

The cost for a single day ticket is $15 per person, and is offered to individuals who have hopper passes.

For a multiple day ticket, the cost is $24. As for Annual Pass Holders, they have the option to purchase tickets daily.

In order to get from park to park, Disney has set up bus stops in different areas throughout the parks to make things run more smoothly.

Epcot's stop is near Spaceship Earth, by Guest Relations.

Animal Kingdom's bus stop is by the Kilimanjaro Safari entrance.

Hollywood Studios' is next to the Rock n Roller Coaster, and Magic Kingdom's stop is near the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin exit.

Knowing exactly where to go will help you to get to where you need to be effortlessly.

Friendly Service

The Express Bus Transportation System will have the same pleasant drivers offering friendly service and information as needed.

It will also feature air conditioning in each of its buses, as well as comfortable seating.

This express system will help guests to get to where they need to be much quicker, and allow for more individuals to utilize this option rather than other methods of direct transportation such as taxis and renting a car of their own.

Guests can simply get off the plane or park their cars at the resort and not touch it again until it is time to leave!

The convenience, comforts, and perks of utilizing this service may be an integral part of your next trip to Disney World!


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