How to Pay Tolls at Unmanned Booths in Florida

Having received dozens of emails concerning using toll roads in Florida with a rental car, we created this fact sheet.

Florida car rental companies are notorious for low rates, with high unneeded fees and add ons.

We also receive numerous emails complaints about having exorbitant administrative ($15-$25) fees on a toll as low as 50 cents.

You could opt in for the rental agencies transponder ranging from $2 - $4 per day plus tolls.

How to Pay Tolls at Unmanned Booths in Florida

Transponder Options

If you are flying into Orlando International Airport stop by the Visitor Toll Pass Center located at level 1 terminal A.

The Visitor Toll Pass Center is open daily including holidays from 7:45 AM to 12:15 AM and have a self service kiosk after hours.

  • Completely free to use*
  • Guarantees you always pay the lowest toll rate throughout Florida
  • Works on all toll roads and most bridges in Florida and with most rental car companies
  • No hidden or extra fees
  • Available for pick-up and return at Orlando International Airport
  • *You must return your Visitor Toll Pass™ hangtag at the conclusion of your trip or a $10 fee will be charged.

If you're driving in, best bet is to buy a mini transponder for $4.95.

These transponders are available at 100's of locations.

To find the closest stores enter a postal code.

You won't have very far to go.

Once you have one, call Sun Pass customer service at 888 865 5352 (888 TOLL FLA) to add some funds to the account.

This can be done with a credit or debit card.

They are open from Monday thru Friday, 7AM - 7PM.

Your transponder will be activated as soon as funds are added to the account.

Should you not run into any unmanned tolls simply call the customer

service number to have funds put back on your credit or debit card.

Make sure you take the transponder off the windshield before returning vehicle!

If you don't someone could use the transponder until funds have been used up.

You can use the Sun PassToll Calculator to estimate cost.

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