How Timeshares Work

You are familiar with timeshares, but do you really know how they work?

If you are a little fuzzy on the subject, and want to know more about what they are and how they can benefit you, you have come to the right place.

Who knows, maybe a timeshare is exactly what you have been looking for, providing much needed value to your overall vacation plan.

Vacation Ownership

Timeshares are generally a partial ownership of a vacation property.

Regularly, timeshares allow individuals to stay at truly beautiful resorts and properties, with luxurious grounds and a variety of amenities right on site.

The way to enjoy such a magnificent property is by sharing the rights to that property with a group of people, usually at a discounted rate, for a specific amount of time.

As a timeshare owner, you can purchase an interval of time that has been set aside by the developer at a specific property.

During this time, you will receive the luxuries of the resort or property, including amenities, without the normal financial burden and property upkeep usually associated with ownership of a specific property.

Weekly Intervals

Individuals can usually purchase one or several weekly intervals that they can utilize a property for.

Although in some cases, shorter stays are available.

By purchasing a length of time at a vacation property, along with added yearly property management fees, you can own a property such as a condominium or resort by sharing it with other individuals throughout the year.

Depending on the timeshare, individuals may receive fixed, rotating, or floating weeks.

In a fixed week setting, you will utilize your timeshare property for the same time every year, in the same unit.

Rotating weeks will provide you with a different schedule each year for use of your property.

Floating weeks allow you to use your property during a specific block of time, which is especially useful for people who do not want to commit to one specific time of year each and every year.

Three Basic Types

Three basic types of timeshares are available.

They are fee-simple or deeded, where you purchase a property for a specific amount of time each year, right-to-use, which allows you to lease a property for a set amount of time, and vacation clubs or point systems, in which you purchase points to utilize on vacations within the timeshare network, often allowing you to visit different properties.

Learning about the different types of timeshares, lengths of time, and weekly options can help you make a decision on what works best for your individual needs and lead you in the direction of finding your next dream vacation home!

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